Spinning Babies®

The Prenatal Massage Center of Manhattan is proud to be offering Spinning Babies® Certified Aware Body Balancing sessions, a must for all expectant moms starting at or around thirty weeks!

Spinning Babies® is an approach that uses maternal physiology and fetal positioning to add comfort in pregnancy, more ease in birth and beyond.

Spinning Babies® Body Balancing sessions are intended to promote:

  • Spontaneous change to allow optimal fetal position, where space is available in the womb.
  • Progress and less pain in labor
  • Baby to move themselves into the new space made by reducing tensions and torsions in muscles and ligaments

Spinning Babies® Body Balancing sessions are beneficial for all moms-to-be and especially helpful to those carrying breech, transverse or posterior presenting babies. In addition to reviewing Spinning Babies® Daily Essentials, soft tissue techniques will be performed to help soften ligaments and loosen restricted fascia that ultimately make space for baby to
find its’ optimal position for a vaginal birth

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